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Rare Blue Eyed Cochildon - 16"

Your Aquarium Needs

Why pay for something you do not need or will not work with your aquarium setup. With over 37 years experience with Tropical Fish, Ponds and Plants I use a Common Sense approach to the Aquarium Hobby. Keep it simple and stick to the basics!  


A Commitment to Health

All the fish come from exporters with great husbandry practices. I still quarantine the fish to ensure that they are eating, swimming and show no signs of stress from shipping before they are sold. This can take 5-7 days and they are treated with a variety of medications and high quality live/frozen and premium gel foods.    

  You want great fish for your show piece! 

Wild Caught Rio Atabapo Altums

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer driven, it is what builds a business! Even when things go bad I always do my best to make it right! 

Current Stocklist February 22nd, 2020- February 29th, 2020

Wild Caught Part 2

Best 25 mins you can see where the fish from South American originate from and what YOU are SUPPORTING! 

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